It's About Improving Your

Dog's Quality Of Life

It's About Improving Your

Dog's Quality Of Life

Dietary Apoptogen Benefits

Conventional Veterinarians, Holistic Veterinarians, and Veterinary Specialists Agree on One Thing: Dietary Apoptogens Can Help Dogs with Vigor, Vitality, and Joy

At Functional Nutriments, our nutraceuticals are designed to help support normal, natural cell turnover by leveraging dietary apoptogens. These hyper-concentrated plant extracts – some of which are difficult to find – can help apoptosis genes “wake up,” and regulate cells in their normal, healthy fashion.

Whether you are giving your pup the super-charged apoptogen formula found in Apocaps® CX or Apocaps® CXE or the lower-dose, daily version found in Nutrocept® and EverPup®, you can be sure your dog is getting the best – and only – apoptogen formulas available today. All of our products are also made with the special proprietary Biovadex™ formulation to help boost apoptogen levels in the bloodstream.

Human Grade

Because Dogs Are People, Too

Every supplement manufacturer wants to make a safe product, but not every manufacturer takes all the steps they need to ensure that the job is done right.

At Functional Nutriments, we make all our nutraceuticals to human standards, which are rigorous, especially when compared to pet supplement standards. This commitment to quality and safety results in superior products.

Every product in our pet line has been thoughtfully formulated with premium ingredients, safety-tested, and packaged to remain shelf-stable for two years. (More in reality, but we label for two years for your peace of mind.)

Apocaps® CX

Since 2010, veterinarians around the world have been recommending Apocaps® CX to dog lovers and have seen great results. It’s a first-in-class nutraceutical designed to enhance the quality of life and longevity for dogs as a standalone palliative supplement, or in synergy with comprehensive care.

Apocaps® CX gets its names from its apoptogens, bio-critical phytonutrients extracted from the leaves, flowers, husks, and roots of several flavorful, nutrient-dense botanicals. These plant extracts help support the normal process of apoptosis, which means they may help old, damaged, or deranged cells “commit suicide” in a 100% normal, natural and safe manner. These dietary apoptogens have captured the interest of scientists in numerous clinical trials across the US and the planet.

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Apocaps® CXE

New: The award-winning dog supplement trusted by veterinarians and dog lovers around the world, Apocaps® CX, is now formulated for international distribution. Apocaps® CXE has been approved by Health Canada along with other leading regulatory agencies.

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Nutraceutical (noo-tru’-soo-ti-kul): A nutrient or food believed to have health-promoting properties.


The endless enthusiasm of a puppy playing is a huge source of joy for us dog lovers – and we wish it could last forever. But keeping our dogs safe, happy and healthy is challenged by a modern world filled with invisible enemies hiding in food, air, and water. That’s why we created EverPup®, the super-charged, bioavailable, delicious daily dog supplement. A sprinkle-on powder, EverPup® takes the stress out of health and happiness maintenance.

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The only daily supplement dogs of all ages need, exclusive to the veterinary profession, Nutrocept® is a lifelong, multi-targeted organ cytoprotectant with apoptogens. Nutrocept® was created because veterinarians familiar with the benefits of Apocaps® wanted dosing instructions for everyday use. In response, we started from the ground up to make the best daily dog supplement we could. Nutrocept® contains low doses of all dietary apoptogens suitable for ongoing use from puppyhood through senior years, but also much more. Can replace most other supplements, which makes recommending Nutrocept® a no-brainer.

Ask your veterinarian about Nutrocept®, or, if you are a veterinarian interested in carrying Nutrocept®, go here to find out more.