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100% Human Grade Ingredients

ingredients-homeThe ingredients in our nutraceuticals are all 100% human grade and of the highest quality. Each batch of Apocaps, EverPup and Nutrocept is tested for safety,freshness, and purity during and after manufacturing. Read More

For the Love of All Dogs

why-homeYour dog’s health and happiness is our number one priority, not just because it’s our business, but because we love our dogs, too. We support the intense bond between dogs and their humans ... at the cellular level. Read More

Partnering with Vets

vet-homeWith roots in veterinary medicine and clinical practice, we know how hard veterinarians work to serve their patients. In turn, we support veterinarians with an information portal built just for them. Read More

Apoptosis: A Good Thing

apoptosis-homeAncient wisdom holds that there is a time to be born, and a time to die -- and we’re beginning to understand that the natural death of cells may be critical to health. Find out more about cell suicide and how it can be a good thing. Read More