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100% Human Grade Ingredients

The ingredients in our nutraceuticals are all 100% human grade and of the highest quality. Each batch of Apocaps®, EverPup® and Nutrocept® is tested for safety, freshness, and purity during and after manufacturing.


We Love Our Dogs

As Much As You Do Yours

Apocaps® gets its name from its apoptogens, bio-critical phytonutrients we extract from the leaves, flowers, husks and roots of several flavorful, nutrient-dense botanicals. These plant extracts can "turn on" genes in cells to help promote the normal process of apoptosis.

Apoptosis: It's a Good Thing

Ancient wisdom holds that there is a time to be born, and a time to die -- and we're beginning to understand that the natural death of cells may be critical to health. Find out more about cell suicide and how it can be a good thing.


A Modern Day Trojan Horse



Researchers all over the planet are studying the same dietary apoptogens we use in our formulas, working hard to create synthetic versions.

That’s great, but there’s a problem we all face: the most valuable dietary apoptogens don’t enter the bloodstream easily. This means their bioavailability is lessened.

Our solution? Biovadex

Just like the Trojan Horse hid hundreds of Greek soldiers waiting to slay the trusting Trojans, Biovadex can help the plant extracts in Apocaps® evade the liver and digestive system, so they can slip into the bloodstream quickly.

Biovadex is crucial to the success of our formulas over the years. While taking the different apoptogens listed on our labels separately may have benefit, the super synergy of these extracts when formulated together with Biovadex can deliver higher concentrations to cells.

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Vet Formula

Partnering with Veterinarians Around the World

With roots in veterinary medicine and clinical practice, we know how hard veterinarians work to serve their patients. In turn, we support veterinarians with an information portal built just for them.