Above All, Do No Harm

Our formulas are carefully crafted, sourced from the best, most fresh 100% human-grade ingredients, manufactured in FDA-inspected labs, and repeatedly tested for consistency. The bottles and jars are tightly safety-sealed on the inside, and doubly protected with a tamper-evident  seal around their necks. They are also stamped with lot numbers and expiration dates.

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All of this is very important for your peace of mind that you are giving your dog the safest possible product. But what about what’s inside the jar? As a company rooted in veterinary medical practice and populated by lifelong dog lovers, we share the growing concern for safety in supplements. Avoiding contamination of any kind is foremost on our minds. As the medical oath states: Above All, Do No Harm.

That’s why we use labs that have been FDA-approved and registered for human nutraceutical standards, because they are mandated to follow current Good Manufacturing Processes and must be scrupulous in their testing for purity and safety. Every room used in the manufacturing process is protected by sealed doors, clean areas where technicians can “scrub in,” and tested for contamination.

Our products also go through a final test after packaging. Each batch of safety-sealed products are quarantined in a sterile room for seven days to give any bacteria, yeast, or mold time to grow, if it is present. Once a week has passed, the batch is sampled and tested thoroughly for microbes. If they are completely clean, they ship. If not, the batch is rejected.

This thorough testing gives us peace of mind that you are getting the highest quality, safest products possible.

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The rigorous tests our products are subject to include the following:

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  • E. coli bacteria
  • Salmonella bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Mold
  • Melamine
  • [/list][/column]

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  • Lead (a heavy metal)
  • Arsenic (a heavy metal)
  • Acetone (a solvent)
  • Hexane (a solvent)
  • Environmental Contaminants[/list][/column]