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A Capsule is a Capsule, a Scoop Is a Scoop

When you give your dog an Apocaps® capsule or a scoop of Nutrocept™ or EverPup™, you can be sure that it contains the amount of the formula we list on the label. That’s because our labs are equipped with the most costly, state of the art human-grade nutraceutical equipment, and staffed by teams of dedicated technicians who take deliberate, careful steps before, during, and after the manufacturing process to make sure that our products are consistent from batch to batch, bottle to bottle, dose to dose.

  • Lab ShotJust as they do with human nutraceuticals, our expert technicians weigh each ingredient separately before formulation. The extracts are standardized so that when they execute our formula, it goes exactly as intended.
  • ManufacturingOnce the botanical ingredients are measured and weighed and standardized, they’re assembled with precision laboratory equipment and formulated with our Biovadex™ formula.

    The result is a powder so pure and fine that it doesn’t much resemble the original ingredients – much like a cake doesn’t much resemble the flour, eggs and milk that go into it.

    Depending upon which formula is being made, Apocaps® are encapsulated in pure gelatin capsules and bottled, and Nutrocept™ and EverPup™ are packaged in round jars.
  • PuritySymbolOnce packaged, our products are subjected to rigorous safety testing to make sure they were not contaminated during manufacturing.

    Products also undergo tests to make sure they are consistent and effective. For example, they are tested for disintegration time (how long it takes for them to dissolve) and each batch must dissolve in under thirty minutes or it is discarded.

    Each batch is also separately tested for standardization using High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). This test uses specialized medical equipment to pull the formulas back apart, separating the different ingredients and measuring and weighing them to see if they match the original formula. If they don’t make the cut, the batch is discarded.