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Apocaps® CX

Apocaps® gets its names from its apoptogens, bio-critical phytonutrients we extract from the leaves, flowers, husks, and roots of several flavorful, nutrient-dense botanicals. These plant extracts can “turn on” genes in cells to help promote the normal process of apoptosis, which means they can help old, damaged, or deranged cells commit suicide in a normal, natural and safe manner. No wonder apoptogens have captured the interest of scientists in dozens of clinical trials across the US and the planet.

In addition to promoting healthy levels of apoptosis, Apocaps® has several other special ingredients, including beta glucans, potent mushrooms that can support the immune system. You will also find gingerols, which can aid in apoptosis maintenance as well as support normal digestive function, and l-glutamine, which can help maintain a normal body condition and weight.

Finally, we use our special patent-pending proprietary technology, Biovadex™, to deliver the apoptosis-supporting health benefits of Apocaps® straight to the target organs.

Apocaps® is a wonderful standalone product for dogs, and it is safe when used in conjunction with conventional therapies.

If you have any questions about Apocaps®, do not hesitate to call or email us. We're headquartered in Maui, Hawaii, but we have staff in most time zones, and if you leave a message, we promise a prompt response. Call Functional Nutriments Toll-Free: 888-936-4226 or 808-660-4230. You can also email us using the form on this page.

To see the product label and additional information please visit the shop.

Everyone at Functional Nutriments is a dog lover, and our roots are in veterinary medicine -- which means your dog's health isn't just a business concern. It's personal. Making supplements of the highest quality is our number one priority, and safety is foremost on our minds. That's why we only use 100% human-grade, fresh ingredients that come from ethical, trusted sources. Our labs are registered and licensed by the FDA for human-grade nutraceuticals, and they maintain all safety and compliance procedures. Regular (and unannounced) inspections  by the FDA and the state keep us worry-free. We test each ingredient and each batch of Apocaps® for contaminants before, during and after the manufacturing process, and we standardize each dose, so you can be sure that what's in the capsule is exactly what we intend.

The rigorous tests our products are subject to include the following:

  • NO E. coli bacteria
  • NO Salmonella bacteria
  • NO Yeast
  • NO Mold
  • NO Melamine
  • NO Lead
  • NO Arsenic
  • NO Acetone
  • NO Hexane
  • NO Environmental Contaminants