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Pet Supplements are Not Made Equal: Why EverPup is Ahead of the Pack

About two-thirds of American pet guardians consider their pets as members of the family. Given the emotional strength of that bond, it’s no surprise that people are taking more care with their dogs’ health by using pet supplements, and wanting to keep them healthy and active for as long as possible.

Nutrition–both diet and pet supplements–are key in being proactive in canine health. It’s great that market trends have recently shown a marked movement towards feeding dogs high-quality grain-free food.

And now, as people recognize the benefits of dietary supplements for their own health, they are increasingly providing supplements to their dogs as well: it’s estimated that one-third of pets in the United States receive pet supplements as part of their care.

Navigating the Pet Supplements Puzzle

The problem is, it’s not always easy to figure out how to navigate the choices surrounding pet supplements. Pet parents often have a lot questions, such as:

  • Which one best addresses overall health?
  • Which brands are most trustworthy?
  • Is there a difference in quality between pet grade supplements and human grade supplements?
  • Can supplements developed for humans even be given to dogs?
  • What are the correct dosages?

To minimize questions and concerns–and to make it easy to provide optimal care–it’s best to use supplements formulated specifically for canines, but made to human-grade standards. We recommend EverPup for dogs of all ages, from puppyhood through senior citizen.

Why EverPup?

Designed by Dr. Demian Dressler to be the ultimate daily pet supplement, EverPup is specially formulated to support dogs from nose to tail.

Most other pet supplements use limited ingredients to address specific issues, which means that dog lovers have to cobble together lots of different pet supplements to get all the benefits they expect.

And who knows how they all work together – or if they are overdoing it?

EverPup takes a “less is more,” holistic approach to canine health. Made in the USA of 100% human-grade ingredients, its wide range of ethically-sourced ingredients makes EverPup a convenient all-in-one formulation.

Not only does that eliminate the need to buy multiple pet supplements, but it makes dosages easier to determine, and it negates very real concerns about over-supplementation.

Here are just a few things that makes EverPup stand out from all other pet supplements on the market:

Human-Grade Ingredients and Human Standard Production Protocols

EverPup is made exclusively with human-grade ingredients. Our manufacturing facilities only make human-grade nutraceuticals, never pet-grade supplements. Among other things, that means:

  • We only source ingredients from trusted, ethical companies.
  • In addition to having excellent and trustworthy reputations as suppliers, each company must provide a Certificate of Analysis for every batch of raw ingredients.
  • Once received, further testing is done to make sure that there are no fillers or contaminants, and that there are no other safety issues.

Our labs are approved for human nutraceutical production, which means they must comply with rigorous production standards. They are also inspected by independent authorities, including state health departments and the United States Food and Drug Administration. Including surprise inspections.

It’s expensive to make human-grade supplements, but we do it, because we are all dog lovers here, and we want the best for dogs.

Wide-Ranging Support

The ingredients in EverPup help support just about every system and organ in a dog’s body, including:

  • skin and coat
  • joints
  • liver
  • kidneys
  • GI tract
  • metabolism
  • immune system
  • cognitive function

This is another way EverPup differs from other top-selling pet supplements that use just a few ingredients to target specific issues. For instance, Cosequin DS is formulated specifically for joint health, and as a result, it includes only vitamins and minerals that support joint health. FortiFlora promotes a healthy immune system with probiotics, prebiotics, and vitamins, but it doesn’t include ingredients that could provide other types of support. In fact, no other popular brand-name pet supplement (including Grizzly, Neutricks, Pet Tabs, or Solid Gold) has the breadth of ingredients to offer the same kind of wide-ranging support as EverPup.

Dietary Apoptogens

Unlike any other formulation, EverPup provides a carefully formulated blend of dietary apoptogens appropriate for daily use from puppyhood through senior years.

Apoptogens offer support for normal apoptosis, which is the scientific name for natural cell death. That may sound a little scary, but healthy cell turnover is actually critical to health.

In all multicellular organisms–including dogs and humans–old cells die off daily, essentially committing suicide to make room for healthy new cells.

But sometimes, apoptosis isn’t triggered, and when that happens, those old, damaged cells stay in the body, and that can have ramifications.

Bioavailability Is Important Too

Dietary apoptogens, including ginger and curcumin, may help support normal apoptosis in the cells, but because they come from dietary sources, the body usually digests them before they have a chance to do any good!

To fix that problem, we use a special patent-pending technology called Biovadex™ to make the plant extracts more water soluble, expediting their absorption into the bloodstream.

Some of your clients might be giving separate pet supplements that contain some of the same ingredients you see on the EverPup label. They might even be giving them in such huge quantities that they escape the digestion and make a difference.

But the reality is that, due to Biovadex, the unique blend of dietary apoptogens in EverPup offers a more bioavailable (and delicious) way to take apoptogens at lower, much more manageable doses.

Convenient, All-in-One Formula

EverPup is a blend of specially-chosen ingredients that work together to provide the best possible benefits. Since it includes apoptogens, beta glucans, probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, and vitamins and minerals, there’s no need to purchase multiple pet supplements, not even a multi-vitamin.

Further, its formulation is carefully calculated, and each dosage consistently contains the amount of ingredients listed on the label. (This is always true of human-grade nutraceuticals, and one of the reasons we use human-grade, not pet-grade, standards.)

Bottom-of-the-Jar Money-Back Guarantee

We are so confident in EverPup that we offer a “bottom of the jar” money-back guarantee. Supplementing with EverPup should create a noticeable difference in a dog’s vitality and energy levels within one to four weeks. However, if a customer is unsatisfied with EverPup for any reason, the jar may be returned for a full refund–even if all the supplement has been used up and the bottom of the jar is showing.

We take all the risk – so you and your customers can enjoy all the benefits of EverPup.

Stocking EverPup Pet Supplements for the Win: 92% Repurchase Rate

When Dr. Dressler formulated EverPup, he had the health of dogs in mind. But it’s not just dogs who benefit – dog lovers do, too.

EverPup is convenient to give – just sprinkle the powder over food, or mix it with water to form a delicious gravy – and the taste delights most dogs. That’s lovely.

Meanwhile, savvy retailers benefit, too, because EverPup is a hot seller, with a 92% consumer repurchase rate. That’s also lovely!

If you are looking to slim your pet supplement line and carry only the very best, EverPup should be the foundation of your section, because it is compatible with every dog diet, supplement, and treatment out there, and it can be used with puppies who have just been weaned and seniors enjoying their golden years.

And once staff try it with their dogs? It’s a mover!

We know how important knowledgeable retailers are, so we offer lots of support, including but not limited to:

  • Free shipping across the USA
  • No minimum order
  • 5% in reward points to use again a future order
  • Free point of sale training tools
  • Free brochures
  • Discharge papers (yes!) which you can copy and hand out to customers

It’s About the Dogs

The plain fact is this: while we, you, and dog lovers are all important, our real customers are the dogs, and they are our number one priority.

So, try this: put an open jar of EverPup somewhere in your store (we suggest high enough so that big dogs can’t grab the jar and scarf it down). Then, offer a bit of the powder to every dog who comes in – and watch how much they like this stuff.

And with good reason!

EverPup is the best pet supplement, hands down. And dogs, as always, know when they’re being loved and cared for.

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