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New Nutraceutical for healthy dogs developed by The Dog Cancer VET in response to the number one most Frequently Asked Question:

“How Do I Keep My Healthy Dog Healthy?”

KIHEI, MAUI, HAWAII, MARCH 4, 2013 – “How do I keep my still healthy dog healthy for as long as possible?” is the number one question veterinarian Dr. Demian Dressler, known as the “dog cancer vet,” hears.


“Keeping our dogs safe and happy and healthy can be a real challenge in the modern world,” notes Dr. Dressler, affectionately known as Dr. D by readers of his blog and best-selling animal health book, The Dog Cancer Survival Guide: Full Spectrum Treatments to Optimize Your Dog’s Life Quality and Longevity (Maui Media, paperback, 496 pages, $34.95).

“There are what I call ‘invisible enemies’ in the water, air, and even food. Things that affect us humans can also affect our dogs. And while we take steps to proactively address things like heartworm and rabies, we haven’t always done the same for other issues.”


Getting solid sleep, plenty of exercise, and lots of play helps dogs tremendously, Dr. Dressler says. Clinical and scientific research has also shown that certain nutraceuticals – potent concentrations of plant extracts – can help, too.

Dr. Dressler’s intensive research has resulted in a brand-new nutraceutical, the first of its kind, called EverPup®. It’s the first daily supplement for dogs to include plant-based apoptogens (which can support normal cell apoptosis, also known as natural cell suicide) as well as dozens of other beneficial ingredients.

“I am an outside the box kind of guy,” admits Dr. Dressler, Chief Medical Officer of Functional Nutriments, the maker of EverPup as well as Apocaps®, the world’s first apoptosis formula. “But I’m not woo-woo. I won’t recommend anything unless there is peer-reviewed, scientific evidence it can really help.”

“Dog lovers often give single-purpose supplements, like those for skin, joints, or brain support, or probiotics,” notes Dr. Dressler, “and while these can provide benefits, giving one or more can be expensive and time consuming, and many dogs just don’t like taking pills.” When Dr. Dressler designed EverPup, he took all of these considerations into account.

“EverPup addresses every organ system in the body with helpful support, so other supplements are often not necessary,” Dr. Dressler explains. “And it’s a powder that can be sprinkled on food, or mixed with water and poured over food like gravy, so it feels natural and easy to give every day of the year.” The powder comes in a jar with an included 6gm scoop, and it smells both rich and “green.” Many dogs lick it directly off a plate, because it is packed with beef liver and is absolutely delicious (to dogs).

EverPup can be used to replace a multivitamin and many other different supplements dog lovers already give their dogs. That’s because many of the apoptogens like luteolin, silymarin, curcumin, and gingerols – which were originally included to support normal apoptosis – also offer support to other body systems and processes:

EverPup Offers Support For Normal From These Ingredients
Apoptosis Apoptosis Curcumin, Gingerols, Luteolin
MaintainNormal Maintain NormalDNA Integrity Luteolin, Silymarin, Spirulina pacifica
Joint Joint Curcumin, Gingerols, Luteolin, Glucosamine
brain Brain Silymarin, Gingerols, Luteolin
skin Skin Omega-3 fatty acids from Flax, Spirulina pacifica
overweight Overweight Gingerols, Inulin, Curcumin, Luteolin
gitract GI Tract Lactobacillus sporogenes (a probiotic)
Inulin (a prebiotic)
immunity Immunity Beta glucans from oats, Spirulina pacifica
liver Liver Antioxidants (vit E, vit C, other), Silymarin
kidney Kidney Silymarin, Gingerols

Each ingredient chosen for EverPup is supported by extensive peer-reviewed publications, a list of which can be found at EverPup is also formulated with Biovadex™, a special patent-pending technology which helps the ingredients get into the bloodstream, and therefore into the cells and organs. All of the ingredients are human-grade and extremely safe.

“The medical oath Dr. Dressler took is ‘First, do no harm,’” says James Jacobson, CEO of Functional Nutriments, “which is why quality is our number one priority, and safety is foremost on our minds. We only use 100% human-grade, fresh ingredients that come from ethical, trusted sources. Our labs are registered, licensed, and inspected by the FDA for human-grade nutraceuticals, and they maintain all current good manufacturing safety and compliance procedures. We test each ingredient and each batch for contaminants before, during and after the manufacturing process, and we standardize each dose. We spend a lot of money to make sure that there is no better, safer supplement on the market.”

EverPup also has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a dog or their owner isn’t completely satisfied, for whatever reason, they can send the jar (even if it’s empty) back to Functional Nutriments with a copy of their original receipt, and the company will refund them their original purchase price.

CONTACT: For any additional assistance please contact James Jacobson at 808- 660-4230, ext. 88, or

For information about The Dog Cancer Survival Guide, please, and to see Dr. Dressler’s blog, visit

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