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Researchers have found that the botanical apoptogens we use in our formulas can support normal apoptosis levels. That’s great, but there’s also a problem: the most valuable dietary apoptogens don't enter the bloodstream easily after oral administration. This means their bioavailability is lessened. That's why we use our special patent-pending technology called Biovadex™ in our products.


The way Biovadex works calls to mind the legendary Trojan Horse. You may remember the story: the Greek army laid siege to the City of Troy, but nothing they did could overcome the Trojan defenses. Instead of continuing to fight a losing battle, the Greeks came up with a new plan. They built a huge horse out of wood and left it at the city gates. The Trojans were intrigued and wanted a closer look at the extraordinary beast, so they rolled it into the heart of the city, where hundreds of Greek soldiers hidden in the hollow horse burst out and defeated the Trojans.

Similarly, Biovadex makes the plant extracts in Apocaps® more water-soluble, which means they can evade the body’s defenses and slip into the bloodstream. Once there, they can find cells whose apoptosis genes are turned off, and help “wake them up” to their genetic duty: directing old, deranged, or damaged cells to safely commit suicide.

Biovadex™ is crucial to the success of our formulas. While taking different apoptogens separately may have some benefit, when taken together with our Biovadex™ formulation, cells get higher concentrations to support normal apoptosis levels.